IT community onboarding programme: vocational orientation for young people (ITONBOARD)

ITONBOARD introduces young people to career orientation possibilities in IT with a focus on open source software communities.

The onboarding program extends from gamified career orientation activities to in-depth e-learning to facilitating the involvement of companies in order to offer a practical component.

  • Students in the general education system are first playfully familiarized with the basic ins and outs of careers in the realm of IT.
  • Teachers are provided with the tools they need to carry out IT career orientation initiatives using innovative and engaging methods.
  • Young people can use e-learning to obtain further information on their own with regard to the IT occupations in question.
  • European IT companies are encouraged to offer internships to both secondary and post-secondary students and are offered guidance to this end. Facilitation of contact between IT companies offering internships and young people looking for them is provided via an online internship exchange.

The project components interlock seamlessly with one another and guide students from their first playful contact with IT-related topics to the final community onboarding.
The content is based on common working methods of open source projects and communities.
All project results will be made freely available on an online platform and are designed to be transferable to other communities and technologies.

The concrete project results include gamified career orientation activities at schools in escape game form, a guide for the implementation of project weeks at schools, e-learning courses on the topic of IT career orientation, an internship guide designed to assist medium-sized and small IT companies in the design of an internship and an online internship exchange as a European marketplace for internship providers and interns.

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