IT community onboarding for young people

ITONBOARD introduces young people to career orientation possibilities in IT with a focus on open source software communities.

The onboarding program extends from gamified career orientation activities to in-depth e-learning to facilitating the involvement of companies in a practical component.

ITONBOARD is a European project launched with the support of the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

ITONBOARD explained (German)

Project modules

ITONBOARD's goal is to introduce young students to career paths in open source web development. With that goal in mind we are developing five distinct products to guide students from a gamified experience to first-hand experience in schools, from e-learning opportunities to internship options.

Project updates

Escape Game Premiere
Girls'Day 2022 as a hybrid event with ITONBOARD
ITONBOARD flyer published

Partners & Network

See who the project members are and find out more about their activities.

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