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Support your students through IT career guidance

Teachers – get provided with useful and ready to use tools

Whether you are in charge of the vocational direction of your students or you are just worried about their professional future, register and download our free material.

You don't have to be an IT expert yourself – we'll take care of this. As experts in training design and in the field of transition between school and first job, apprenticeship or university, we have prepared all our material ready-to-use. So you don't even need a lot of time for using these innovative and engaging methods.

Here’s the track to your students' success

Step 01 Interest Test

check for interest

What is the perfect playing ground for your students? Let them explore their interests and get to know their  strengths within only 15 minutes.

Let your students explore

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Escape Game Step 02

raise interest

Engage your students in a fun manner. »Finding Emilia« is played in only one hour, both real and on your students' screens. You just need to organize a lock and a backpack – that’s it!

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Step 03 E-Learning

theoretical experiences

Our online courses provide deep insights into different basic professional fields in the IT sector,  having a focus on the open source software communities, and offer an improved career orientation for young people independent of time and place. 

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Project Week Step 04

deepen interest

A guide containing a detailed concept for a project week (or days) at schools on the topic of IT career orientation.

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