A Blended Remote Internship in IT Companies



With the concept of Blended Remote Internship, we entered uncharted territory. We collected parts of different worlds like pieces of a mosaic and thus connected Best Practice examples of IT companies on Remote Work, knowledge on internships in general, internships in the context of Erasmus+, experiences on e-learning and lastly on scholarships for online student projects.

On the topic of Remote Work we interviewed CEOs and employees of remote working companies.

  • Kitconcept/ Germany – Tim Stollenwerk
  • Six feet up/ USA – Chrissy Wainwright
  • Syslab/ Germany – Alexander Pilz
  • Niteo/ Slovenia – Nejc Zupan

We also conducted interviews with teachers and students in the participating countries, asking them about  e-learning and blended learning.

Paul Roeland, the organizer of the Google Summer of Code for the OpenSource CMS Plone, explained the concept to us and told us about his practical experience with the Google scholarship for a worldwide online student project, in which students spend a summer co-developing open source projects.

To scientifically support our concept we were able to win over the business pedagogue Prof. Bernd Gössling  from the University of Innsbruck, an expert in vocational learning, who drew our attention to important pedagogical aspects.