Tips for your internship!

You can hand over the entire organization of your internship to a placement agency, but this is associated with high costs. It is significantly cheaper to organize the internship yourself. This also shows your initiative and you are completely free to choose your workplace. 

Your Checklist

Whether you start an internship near your place of residence or even in another country, you should check the following beforehand:

  • Internship search: On our internship exchange you will find various internships, also abroad, for which you can apply. However, the internship position does not always have to be advertised - unsolicited applications can also lead to success. An unsolicited application can be worthwhile.
  • Application:  When applying, make sure that you comply with the formalities and that your cover letter clearly states why you want to do the internship in IT and what appeals to you about the company.
  • Job interview:  If you are invited to an interview, you have already mastered the first hurdle. Of course, not every internship requires an in-person interview: video conference interviews or phone calls are practical alternatives to an onsite interview.
  • Preparation: Once you have been accepted, you must organize your stay. Of course, you also have to consider whether you are going  by plane, bus or train. It can get complicated when it comes to accommodation – here you should research and plan early.
  • Financing: You should think about the finance, especially abroad. A financial plan ensures clarity and gives you planning security. Think in advance how much money you need for your internship abroad and clarify what financing options are open to you.

An internship abroad as part of Erasmus+

Do you know the Erasmus internship programs and Europass?

For Students

Here you will find useful information on how to finance your internship as a student through the EU's Erasmus+ mobility programme.

for pupils

Look here! Helpful information on how your internship can be financially supported by Erasmus+ funds from your school!

for vocational students

You still need financial support to realise your internship?
Here you can find useful tips on how to realise your internship abroad with Erasmus+ funding!

With the Europass Mobility, your placement provider can officially certify your experience and competences. You can use it as an official document for your job applications on the European labour market!

Learning agreements set out the content and process of the traineeship abroad and must be approved by the trainee, the sending institution and the receiving institution before the start of the exchange. All three parties signing the learning agreement agree to abide by all agreed arrangements, which ensures that the trainee receives credit for the traineeship completed abroad without any further recognition requirements.

An internship in a remote working company

A blended remote internship is the alternative to the usual internship. Many IT companies have been working remotely for a long time before the pandemic. Find out how an internship in such a company works!