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Escape games in schools

Escape Game
Escape Game Konzeption

We are developing an escape game to be used in vocational orientation for students from 12 to 15 years old. Within the game, typical job situations and knowledge about IT professions can be experienced and acquired. Professions in web development as well as the concept of open source are presented to the players.

Why are we developing this product?

There is a need in schools across disciplines. Teachers are being tasked with advancing students' knowledge and competences in digitization, career orientation and media skills.

A lack of early professional orientation has led to the reality that many professional fields are no longer considered by young people later on. We are therefore addressing relatively young students using a playful approach.

We know that gender-sensitive career orientation works. Measures are needed to counteract gender-cliché career choices in order to interest girls in IT professions.


Objectives and target groups

The escape  game is the door opener into the ITONBOARD program.

We want to enable playful access (gamification) to the professional field of IT through a low-threshold experience format.

The primary target group are teachers at general education schools (secondary level I and II).

We want to generate interest in IT in a playful way, especially among girls, and according to the data available, escape games seem to be a suitable method.

Our goal with the Escape Game is to create a particularly motivating teaching method (known as “Digital Breakout" or "Edu Breakout”), with a focus on promoting skills in social and communicative areas.

How does the Escape Game work?

Within a given time limit (usually 60 minutes), a group of players decrypts codes for (digital or real) locks with digital or real-life puzzles.

The key to success in the game: good communication and division of labor in the team.

The game can be played with groups of 6 to 30 participants with minimal use of resources by the organizing teachers.

In addition to the digital Escape Game platform that will guide teachers through the organization of the game and will contain digital puzzles and video clips, there will also be analogue game material (locks, puzzle material, etc.).

Expected results & time frame

The concept for the ITONBOARD Escape Game is currently under development (Spring 2021 - Fall 2021).  To learn more about students' needs and attitudes, a survey is being conducted among students across Europe.

The game will be tested for the first time in a school setting in November 2021.

Prior to playing the escape game, students will be offered an interest assessment test. This assessment test will be available in summer 2021.

In order to transfer the escape game to as many schools as possible, a general implementation concept for teachers will be available in 2022.

A multilingual digital platform to manage the game will be available for teachers and students in 2022.

Evaluation results of all activities carried out in participating schools will be made available at the end of the project.

Lead organisation

Interaktiv GmbH

The lead organisation for this project module is Interaktiv.

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