Project Week

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Project week
Project week

Within this module, a guide for teachers will be developed. This guide will contain a detailed concept for a project week at schools on the topic of career orientation in the subject area of "IT". The related and necessary learning contents and materials will be conceptualised in the course of time.

Why do we develop this product?

  • Project weeks at schools are a good way to promote modern working techniques and to enable pupils to practise mastering complex tasks, to act in a goal-oriented way and in a team, thus preparing them for the demands of working life.

  • Educational mandate of schools: "To prepare pupils adequately for life in society [...]." This includes preparing pupils for the professional and working world

Objectives and target groups

  • Pupils are introduced to careers in the IT sector at an early stage and through a playful approach, so that a cliché-free and practical career orientation can take place. 

  • Furthermore, the ability to work in a team is strengthened.

  • Teachers are relieved as they are not the direct mediators of the learning content and do not have to acquire the knowledge required.

  • The concept can be applied at any school within the framework of project weeks.

Expected results & time frame

The development of this intellectual output is scheduled from May 2021 to November 2022.

Results will be:

  • Digital guide for teachers (English)

  • Analogue material used to create the project objective

  • Digital teaching material (English)

  • Development of a feedback questionnaire for pupils on the course of the project weeks.

  • Renewed interest survey of the participating pupils in order to determine a change in their attitude towards the occupational field of IT.

  • Adaptation of the guidelines for a project week on the basis of the collected feedback after project week 1 (2022) and project week 2 (2022).

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