Introduction and Overview

The need for a project week in the area of IT

Project weeks at schools are a good way of promoting modern work techniques and giving pupils the opportunity to practise mastering complex tasks, to act in a goal-oriented manner and as part of a team, thus preparing them for the demands of working life.

The educational mission of schools is:

Pupils should be adequately prepared for life in society [...] and this includes preparing pupils for the world of work and professions.

Objectives of the conception of a project week in the field of IT

The pupils are introduced to professions in the IT sector at an early stage and in a playful way, so that a stereotype-free and practical career orientation can take place. In addition, the ability to work in a team is strengthened.
Teachers are relieved as they are not the direct mediators of the learning content and do not have to acquire the required knowledge.

In principle, the concept can be used at any school within the framework of project weeks.

Procedure of the project week

Day 1

Introduction to the project week and getting to know occupational fields.

Day 2

Collect project ideas and Escape Game "Finding Emilia"

Day 3

Project Plan - & Project Plan Drafts. What should our homepage look like i the end?

Day 4

Developing the homepage and learning to pitch.

Day 5

Finalizing the homepage and preparing it for presentation, pitching the homepage.