Schedule Day 4 : (Start 8:00)

Topic: Problem Solving - Finding Weaknesses/Optimizing

Material and preparation

Instruction and implementation

Welcoming the pupils and explaining today's objectives:

  • Designing a homepage - What should our homepage look like?
  • Design homepage
  • Further work on the homepage

Have questions about the day/tasks/previous day asked and answered.

Afterwards, the pupils continue working on the project "My Website".

  • Create a sketch: What do you want your homepage to look like?
  • Pupils work on their website with different tools (see Tools under Material). 
    • Discuss what wireframes are (See p. 34)
      • Possibly show prototypes as an illustration
      • Students can show which wireframes they have used on their website.

At this point, the students should be made aware of the licensing problems with images, if applicable. 

Reflection of the day

Clarify questions

Additional information Day 4


Wireframes are a tool for designing websites. They are a very technical and reduced way of representing the elements on a website. With wireframes, the visible design takes a back seat for the time being. Strongly designed elements or colours would distract from the goal of planning the content structure and the layout of the website.

TODO: Wireframes